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MV005.pdf.PDF.jpg21-Apr-1988Design parameters for the biological system component of Mina Esperanca seepage treatment system : Mineracao Morro Velho (MMV)-
CN004C.pdf.jpg30-Jun-1988Morphological aspects of cattail transplants and microbiological aspects of organic matter in extreme acidic conditions on base metal tailings (UP-B7-020) : morphological assessment of cattail transplants in acidic tailings : final reportCairns, Jim; Kalin, Margarete A.; Scribailo, R.
HF001.pdf.jpgJul-1988Halifax International Airport, N.S. : hydrological and geochemical data.Van Everdingen, R. O.; R. O. van Everdingen Research Specialties Limited.
HB001.pdf.jpg31-Aug-1988Assessment of seepage characteristics waste rock pile and holding pond : Hope Brook Gold Mines Ltd.Kalin, Margarete A.; Van Everdingen, R. O.; Hope Brook Gold Mines Limited.
AB001.PDF.jpgDec-1988Buchans : mining wastes and the environmentKalin, Margarete A.
CN004.PDF.jpgDec-1988Chara process : biological polishing of alkaline effluents : final report / for Office of Technology Transfer CANMETKalin, Margarete A.; Smith, M. P.
FICHIER4.pdf.jpg1989L'État, le mesurage du bois et la promotion de l'industrie papetièreGaudreau, Guy
Cachon & Carter JSBE 1989 6(4).pdf.jpg1989Self-employed Females and the Workforce: Some Common Issues Across the AtlanticCachon, Jean-Charles; Carter, Sara
Laflamme RNO 11.pdf.jpg1989Éléments pour une analyse de la conscience franco-ontarienne.Laflamme, Simon
Dennie RNO 11.pdf.jpg1989L'étude des réalités franco-ontariennes.Dennie, Donald
AR031.pdf.jpg31-Mar-1989Morphological/anatomical investigation of cattail transplants and bog vegetation : final reportKalin, Margarete A.; Scribailo, R. W.
CN004A.PDF.jpg31-Mar-1989Morphological/anatomical investigation of cattail transplants and bog vegetationKalin, Margarete A.; Scribailo, R. W.
AR028.pdf.jpgJun-1989Microbiological analyses of ARUM samples / for Boojum ResearchCarin, J. ; Dearborn Chemical Company Limited
SB007.pdf.jpgJun-1989The abandonment of the South Bay waste management area.Boojum Research Limited; BP Resources Canada Limited
Cachon JSBE 1990 7-4.pdf.jpg1990Entrepreneurial teams: a categorization and their long-term evolutionCachon, Jean-Charles
Saarinen Ontario History 1990.pdf.jpg1990Sudbury: A Historical Case Study of Multiple Urban-Economic TransformationSaarinen, Oiva
Dennie RNO 12.pdf.jpg1990Les relations de classes sociales à Sudbury en 1919.Dennie, Donald
Goltz -Ontario History.pdf.jpg1990A Corporate View of Housing and Community in a Company Town: Copper Cliff, 1886 to 1920.Goltz, Eileen
Cachon RNO 12.pdf.jpg1990Perception du rôle d'une caisse populaire dans un milieu francophone homogène : le cas de Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.Cachon, Jean-Charles
Ribordy A RNO 12.pdf.jpg1990La structure occupationnelle du Nord-Est de l'Ontario et ses perceptions par la communauté francophone des affaires.Ribordy, Annette