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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-May-2015A highway of pollution with no boundaries: a study using lead isotope ratios in wet deposition and lichen to trace atmospheric pollutionAkerman, Tamra
Sep-2000"An historic overview of two spirited people"LeDuigou, Celeste
1985Historique du bilinguisme à l'Université LaurentienneDennie, Donald
18-Jun-2013The history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. MarieMount, Graeme
Sep-2000"HIV and injection drug use amongst First Nations in Vancouver"Goldstone, Irene; Albert, R; Churchill, A; Schilder, A; Perry, T; Markowski, R; Hogg, R.S.; McLeod, W.A.
Sep-2000"HIV, sexual violence and Aboriginal Women"Neron, Carole; Roffey, Rhonda
Sep-2003"HIV/AIDS: Issues within Aboriginal Populations"School of Native Human Services
Nov-2003"Honoring community: Development of a First Nations stream in social work"Greenwood, Margo; Palmantier, Monty
Sep-2000"Honouring and caring for Aboriginal people and communities in the fight against HiV/AIDS"Marsden, Namaste; Clement, Ken; Schneider, David
17-Dec-2014Human development focusing on access to health care of South Asian immigrants living in the Greater Toronto area (GTA)Islam, S. M. Tariqul
10-Aug-2015Human immunodeficiency virus -1 (HIV-1) –Transactivator of transcription protein (Tat) effects on Macrophage polarizationSarwan, Sylvia
29-Oct-1995Huntington Recital Series, 1995-1996Maley, Desmond
11-Mar-2016The identification and characterization of small molecules for the inhibition of NGF and proNGF8p75NTR interactions using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopySheffield, Kristen S. A.
10-Nov-2014Identifying Escherichia Coli factors that selectively bind the mRNA of secreted proteinsHakeem, Walaa Abdulhadi H.
8-Oct-2015Identifying ICU Patient Safety Priorities within a Northern Ontario Setting : A Delphi StudyBloomfield, Tiina
17-Mar-2014Identifying return to work predictors among individuals obtaining psychological servicesLeduc, Caleb
2010Il n'y a de salut nulle part pour les coupablesKapanga,Kapele
26-Aug-2014Image Quality and Dose of an Accelerator-Integrated kV CBCT SystemsShaaer, Amani
2004Images d'eau et de feu dans "La Couronne d'oubli" de Gabrielle PoulinCourchesne, Sarah G.